SMARTWOLF has been designed for professional use, with or without mulching film.
The transplanting units are equipped with a continuous rotation 1-6 perforating cups distributor, parallelogram for constant deep soil work, large diameter (33 cm-13”) compacting wheels, side cleaning blades for the perforating cups. The operator’s weight is on the frame, not the transplanting unit.
SMARTWOLF works perfectly in the presence of biodegradable mulching film and/or heavy soils.
It is possible to transplant peat clod-rooted conical, pyramidal or cubic seedlings of maximum 8 cm-3”.

On request electric watering device, synchronized for each plant and SEEDPRO planting unit for seeding and transplanting in one machine.

Идеально для:

Пирамидальная кассета
Коническая кассета
Кубическая кассета
Цилиндрическая кассета

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