A hundred-hectare farm in Foggia, which has added horticulture to its many years’ cereal vocation and olive cultivation. It is the Salvatore di Stefano farm that mainly cultivates tomatoes and various brassicaceae, especially broccoli and cauliflowers. An over 15-year long Checchi & Magli customer, Salvatore had bought one of the first Dual 12 transplanters manufactured by Checchi & Magli, which has been replaced for around a year by the new 6-row Dual 12 Gold model.

“The Dual 12 Gold is a cutting edge, high performing, solid machine with an unimaginable possibility of adjustments to adapt it to the cultivation needs of all horticultural crops” states Salvatore Di Stefano. “It is possible to switch from one crop transplantation to another quickly and easily while maintaining great work precision. In addition to this, it is a transplanter with an excellent working capacity: we generally complete the transplantation of one hectare of land in 2.5/3 hours maximum”.

Salvatore enthusiastically expresses his satisfaction for having bought the Dual 12 Gold. “It’s a piece of equipment that has everything: we chose he most suitable fittings for our farm together with Checchi & Magli and this enabled us to find the right solution for all the transplantation needs on our land, including the watering kit for seedlings, to avoid transplantation stress during summer transplanting.

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