The 1-row Wolf with perforating cup distributor for transplantation onto mulching film is the fifth Checchi & Magli transplanter purchased by Azienda Agricola Spineto in Chieuti in the Province of Foggia.

A Checchi & Magli customer since the early 90s, the company has always been dedicated to horticulture and today, cultivates over 120 hectares, with approximately 70 of them owned and 50 rented, growing tomatoes, cabbages, vegetable seed crops (onions, cabbages, fennel and carrots), water melon and courgettes.

“It was very difficult for us to transplant water melon on mulching film”, explains Alessandro De Fabiis, owner of the farm along with his brothers Florindo and Vincenzo.

“Water melon has a rather large clod and this makes manual transplantation long and difficult”.

This is why the company decided to buy the Wolf transplanter and a 2-row Unitrium in 2017 for the transplantation of tomatoes and vegetable seed crops.

“We had seen the Wolf at a trade fair and we liked it from the start and so we decided to buy it”, Alessandro states.

“Like all the other Checchi & Magli transplanters, he continues, besides making transplantation much quicker, it is a piece of equipment that performs excellent work, ensuring perfect transplantation on plastic film. This all leads to excellent results in crop rooting and development”.

“Another aspect I would like to point out, continues Alessandro, is the wonderful support received from Checchi & Magli, in both buying and regulating the machine on the farmland until it could perform excellent work in the conditions of our soils”. “Being able to rely on specialists, Alessandro Concludes, is a true resource”.

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