The ridging phaseof the potatoes comes temporally after the sowing phase and before the harvesting one with the aim of maintaining the sowing bed as intact as possible, preserving therefore the integrity of the product.

The VR76 EXPORT vibroridger using disk ridger parts of 51 cm in diameter guarantees quality furrowing and high working speed at a low cost.

The 1 + 2 ½ EXPORT versionis suitable for ridging 2 rows. The 3 + 2 ½ EXPORTversion is suitable for ridging 4 rows; available with both a manual and hydraulic foldable frame.

The VR76 STANDARD vibroridger differs from the EXPORT model as it has ploughshare ridger parts instead of disk ones.

This feature makes the STANDARD model particularly suitable for soft terrain and generally sandy, for example in North African countries, the Canary Islands……

By disassembling the ridger parts, it may be used also for weeding crops in rows.


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