Among the horticultural crops, some species represent a real passion for the farmer. It is the case of the Bologna cardoon, a traditional crop that requires certain qualities of experience and ability. The Podere Casino in Mezzolara di Budrio in Bologna, has dedicated itself to this crop for several years, with great satisfaction in terms of production and quality. Among the crucial points of cultivation, the farm has also had to face mechanization in transplanting, finding the perfect solution in the Checchi & Magli “Wolf” transplanter. “Transplanting the cardoon calls for particular needs, Ottavio Natali explains, who along with his father, directly deals with cultivation; the seedlings have a rather large clod and not all equipment is able to carry out the work perfectly. The Wolf is the ideal machine for the cardoon; the equipment carries out two row transplanting with 75×75 cm planting distances. The equipment also includes a two shelf transversal tray carrier and watering kit with tank”. “We are really happy to have bought the Wolf, Ottavio continues. By using this transplanter, he points out, we can finish transplanting in very little time, avoiding failures at the same time. Besides this, he concludes, we have significantly reduced manpower, which has a significant weight in this culture on the profit”.

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