The Checchi & Magli company was founded in 1976 in Budrio in the province of Bologna where the headquarters and the 3 production plants are still present today; in 2006 a sales office was opened in the United States to shorten distances and provide ever more immediate support to the North American customers.

The company’s core business consists of the transplanter machines for vegetable, tobacco and nursery seedlings for which the company is world leader with an export amount that is steadily around 80% of the total turnover.
The range is completed with the potato cultivation and harvesting machines (potato planters, potato diggers and vibroridgers) from which the company originated, as well as plastic laying machines and bed making machines for cultivation on mulching film (strawberries, melons, watermelons etc…).

These factors of success and increasing popularity over the years are a serious trade policy, which has always taken the business to business line with reliable partners, extreme attention to detail and always an open ear to suggestions and to new requirements.


Transplantation is the most delicate operation of the entire crop cycle, being subject to limited time, weather risk and the delicateness of the seedlings.

It is therefore necessary that transplantation work is carried out without interruption and within the pre-established times; since its foundation, the objective of Checchi & Magli has been to provide technologies that guarantee greater performance, respecting the maximum comfort for workers and in compliance withsafety regulations.

This manufacturing philosophy has witnessed a gradual consolidation in international markets over the years, leading the company to an export amountthat is steadily over 80%.

A trade policy using the business to business line with specialized and referenced partners that with full compliance with the Checchi & Magli mission, ensure a complete service in their area of competence.

Compny plus

he tendency to reduce the number of farming businesses and at the same time increase the average areas, has led to increasingly particular and customized demands.

To meet the individual requests of its partners in a timely and detailed manner, Checchi & Magli started a Project on Demand program, a true bespoke design, made to fit the consumer just lik a tailored suit.

The engineers of the R&D department supply effective answers and cutting edge technical solutions, using the most modern design technology.

This is one step further compared to the normal customer/supplier relation, being a bidirectional collaboration with a continuous information flow.

The major consolidation in international markets along with the high seasonality of the products have led to the necessity of ad hoc created production, assembly and shipping programs, in compliance with the delivery demand and crop cycles.
A strong synergy between the purchasing office, sales department and the production department daily monitors the estimate of the requirements, assuring answers with defined times to the orders of its customers.

A sales office composed of highly qualified sales engineers who are able to fluently reply in 6 languages completes a very harmonious team, which functions as a front-wheel drive and dialogues every day with its partners, always in search of new spaces, markets and requirements.

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