«Hello everyone watching,
my name is Alisher, from Uzbekistan. I’m working for a company producing dried fruits and vegetables.

We bought this equipment from Italian company Checchi & Magli, namely the bed maker/plastic layer AL-S14 PLUS and the WOLF transplanter.

The trend is for manpower to become more expensive day after day, that’s why we decided to mechanize production and replace workers with machines.

This was a complex decision, that took quite a long time and brought us to agree the supply with Checchi & Magli.

We hope our decision will make our wish come true, as you can see this is the first day of working, we’re dressing up the beds and planting, in some days we’ll see the results and if reality will reflect our expectations for this year.
Our aim is to increase productivity exploiting actually less people in the field, we hope this will be fulfilled and we thank Checchi & Magli for that».

Thank you Alisher


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