A great diversity of summer and winter horticultural varieties that alternate throughout the year. This is the main feature of Soc. Agricola Punto Verde in Teramo, on the Abruzzo coast.

In addition to traditional crops as corn, wheat and lucerne, the farm has, in fact, allocated a part of the cultivated area to horticulture with the aim of supplying its farm shop, the neighbourhood markets and some local distributors all year round.

“We cultivate numerous types of vegetables, says the owner Vincenzo Ritrovati, using small areas for each variety, to offer our customers the best possible assortment”.

A Checchi & Magli customer for over 20 years, the farm has expanded its business over the years, deciding to buy two new pieces of equipment this year, a Wolf 1-row transplanter and a PS 14 mulcher, equipped with a row marker, micro-granulator, fertiliser spreader and irrigation hose kit.

“I was in love with these machines, Vincenzo says, and I always went to see them at the trade fairs; in the end, I decided to make this investment to make the farm totally autonomous in terms of mechanisation.”

Today, horticulture is indeed an increasingly important sector for Soc. Agricola Punto Verde and practically everything is machine transplanted.

“Checchi & Magli equipment is designed and manufactured extremely well with a very high work quality, Vincenzo explains, and above all, they offer the possibility to remove different parts and combine them with other Checchi & Magli tranplanters, according to necessity”.

“When I first saw the purchased PS 14 assembled with all the accessories, Vincenzo concludes, I must admit I was scared, thinking that the dimensions were excessive for my small plots of land on my farm.

Ain the end, I had to change my mind: it is a very handy piece of equipment, where you can easily assemble and disassemble what you need each time, as well as being very simple to use”.

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