Farms specialized in horticulture know exactly how important it is that the first phase in cultivation, that is, transplantation, must be carried out in an impeccable manner. To confirm this aspect is Sandro Boscarato, owner of the same named company in the province of Venice, a 35 hectare farm, including owned and rented land, which grows mainly horticultural species, from chicory to cabbages, celery to potatoes, up to tomatoes and leeks. The latter culture, in particular, requires specific care during transplantation, which is executed with the Checchi & Magli 3-row Baby Trium transplanter. “The leek seedlings, says Sandro Boscarato, should be planted very close to each other, so the transplant is a long and delicate process. By using the 3-row Baby Trium we have handily solved this problem”. “The Baby Trium, he says, is a fast machine, easy to adjust and able to carry out excellent work, avoiding any stress to the plants”. Today by using the 3-row Baby Trium, the Boscarato company is able to transplant one hectare of leeks in a maximum of 15-17 hours in normal soil conditions. “We are very satisfied with this equipment, says Sandro, just like all the other Checchi & Magli transplanters we own”. The Boscarato company has chosen, in fact, Checchi & Magli transplanters since the beginning of its business, many years ago, and now in addition to the Baby Trium it has 6 other pieces of equipment of the brand, including those to cultivate potatoes.

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