One hundred hectares, mostly used for vegetable crops. The farm of Dante Pancottini, in the province of Teramo is very attentive toward the evolution of technology. Therefore, the farm has searched for a particularly advanced solution also for the transplantation of its crops. “For many years, Dante Pancottini explains, we used a transplanter “with pincers”, thinking that this was the technology that was able to ensure the best work quality, but over time the necessities of the farm changed, making a more productive solution more necessary. And so after assessing different transplanters on the market, our choice concluded with the purchase of a Checchi & Magli Unitrium at the end of last year”. “At the beginning, Dante confesses, I was quite skeptical, as all the transplanters I had tried, although being quick, didn’t satisfy me in terms of work quality. However,when I saw the Unitrium working for the first time, I was fascinated. The Unitrium is to say the least, a perfect machine, quick and with an excellent quality in every working condition, from humid to dry soil, from the easiest to the most extreme conditions”. Delivered to the Pancottini farm at the beginning of the year, the Unitrium has already transplanted over 30 thousand plants of early cauliflower and is already busy transplanting tomatoes where the results are surprising. “I had never seen a transplanting machine work so perfectly in every type of condition, Dante says, even without the need of expert staff. Even this, he concludes, for a farm like ours which transplants over 2 million seedlings a year, is a very important aspect.”

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