The clayey soils of the Società Agricola La Rondine, in Camposanto, in the province of Modena, are certainly among the easiest to prepare for transplantation. The farm, which, between extensive crops and specialised crops, covers an area of 300 hectares, dedicated around 80 hectareseach year to growing industrial tomatoes for processing, which are transplanted with a 6-row transplanter.“ Our farm, explains Christian Pignatti, who directly cultivates the land with his father Giovanni, has particular needs, as the nature of the land forces us to use light tractors and therefore low-powered ones, which are not able to operate a traditional 6-row transplanter”.

“For this reason, continues Christian, a few years ago when we decided to replace the old transplanter, we contacted Checchi & Magli, which had a well-tested towed solution, the 6-row Dual 12 Gold in the special version with towed frame, ideal to combine with our crawler tractor”.

“The Dual 12 Gold is an exceptional transplanter, says Christian. Its main strength is the possibility to carry out lots of adjustments simply, which is an essential aspect for our farm, considering the unevenness of the land”.

“The work quality continues, it is always excellent in all conditions with a very good work speed, thanks to the work of each 2-row operator”.

“The modularity, concludes Christian, is one of the distinguishing features of the Checchi & Magli transplanters, which can be integrated at any time with accessoriesor transformed according to needs. Last year for example, we added the irrigationkit, a solution that has allowed us to significantly improve transplantation quality”.

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