Transplanting 150 hectares of fennel every year is certainly not an easy task, especially when focusing on quality production as in the case of the Battigaglia Farm in Isola di Capo Rizzuto in the province of Crotone.

To make this work easier and quicker, the farm decided to go down the mechanization route several years ago by initially buying a Checchi & Magli Texdrive transplanter and then another three, 2 Unitriumsand 1 Trium, all of them being 3-row. a 3 file.

“Today we transplant everything mechanically, so we can focus on getting the transplanting finished before the end of October, Carmine Battigaglia explains”.

“The Trium and Unitrium transplanters are very easy to regulate and use and can be operated without any issues by our workers with an average working speed of 1.5 -2 hectares per day”.

The latest purchase, says Carmine, is the Trium transplanter, bought a couple of years ago.

“We grow fennel on convex-ploughed land – Carmine explains – and this allows the furrows to remain wetter for longer than the ploughed land.

By working on the same convex-ploughed land, the Unitrium transplanter, with a separate drive wheel on each part, can enter the field earlier, being a great advantage for use in terms of time”.

As for work quality, Carmine thinks both the Checchi & Magli transplanters perform excellently.

“They are very reliable machines, Carmine states, which ensure uninterrupted work.

We have been using these transplanters for many years and we have never encountered any problems”.

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