SMARTWOLF has been designed for professional use, with or without mulching film.
The transplanting units are equipped with a continuous rotation 1-6 perforating cups distributor, parallelogram for constant deep soil work, large diameter (33 cm-13โ€) compacting wheels, side cleaning blades for the perforating cups. The operatorโ€™s weight is on the frame, not the transplanting unit.
SMARTWOLF works perfectly in the presence of biodegradable mulching film and/or heavy soils.
It is possible to transplant peat clod-rooted conical, pyramidal or cubic seedlings of maximum 8 cm-3โ€.

On request electric watering device, synchronized for each plant and SEEDPRO planting unit for seeding and transplanting in one machine.

Ideal for:

Pyramidal Plug
Conical Plug
Cubical Plug
Cylindrical Plug


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