Bed-maker/mulching film layer AL-S14 PLUS

AL-S14 PLUS bed-maker/mulching film layer makes beds by means of conveying ploughshares and lays mulching film at the same time, ideal for strawberries cultivation. Suitable for realization of lightly lifted sowing-transplant beds (with or without mulching film). Rapid decoupling allows to use either the bed-maker machine or mulching film layer independently (specific 3rd point linkage optional; see accessories).…

Plastic-film placing Plastic Stop Plus

PLASTIC-STOP lays the mulching film and laterally ridges it with ploughshares (or discs) positioned laterally. It can be used with plastic, paper, cellulose materials and biodegradable materials. The maximum useful film width is 140 cm for the PS14 version and 190 cm for the PS19 version.