Vegetable growing Technology


Wolf Compact        


It is exactly the same as its sister the WOLF, but with a distance between rows that can reach a minimum of 30 cm.


This close inter-row distance males the WOLF COMPACT particularly suitable for transplanting 3 or 4 rows of salad on mulching film.


Equipped with a distributor with perforating cups (from 1 to 6) and a gear ratio that allow the distance on the rows to be adjusted from a minimum of 20 cm up to nearly 2 metres.


On request the individual units may be equipped with the FASTWOLF facilitator for high production (3/4000 plants/hour per row) and is extremely comfortable for the workers.


It can be easily combined with the PLASTIC STOP PLUS mulcher to carry out plastic film laying and single phase transplantation (PS+WOLF PLUS).