Vegetable growing Technology


B 40            


Twin rows, very close inter-row distances and the possibility to have just one worker on 2 rows, on plastic as on bare soil…..all of these opportunities are in the B world.


A niche model which is appropriate for specific needs but for expert eyes it actually represents the icing on the cake of the WOLF transplantation system.


Twin-row transplantation, normally quincunx, is a rapidly growing method, even on raised cultivation beds as the crop develops excellently and fully rationalizes the cultivable areas.
The B units are two rows with a set distance of 24 cm (B24), 27 cm (B27), 30 cm (B30) and 40 cm (B40) and the distances between the two rows are totally adjustable.


A FASTWOLF facilitator is available to work with one worker only on two rows; it can be combined with the PLASTIC STOP PLUS.