Vegetable growing Technology


AL - S14 Plus                            


Numerous tests have demonstrated that the presence of mulching film reduces water evaporation, diminishing the consumption and increasing the efficiency by using it.


For this purpose the AL-S14 PLUS combined bed-maker-mulcher carries out the bed making of the soil, compacting and levelling of the bed, laying the mulching film and the relative ridging.
The quality of the applied nutrient solutions is maintained with subsequent better growth conditions, drainage quality, root distribution and therefore the entire plant benefits.


The combined AL-S14 PLUS is equipped with a front stainless steel roller to compact and level the ground, a double roller reel winder, adjustable 2-direction film pressing wheels to lay also on raised transplantation beds and film width up to 140 cm.


All AL-S14 PLUS models are used with nylon, paper, cellulose, and biodegradable mulching film.